Some of myFavorite Photos

EpicnMarshall Me&Lauren BabyLegend2 MagOutside RosienEleanor rosettes dad&uggiecropped wuvviemillie7 StellaandBetty UgNicChair

Here's "Gonna be Epic" (Epic) and "Fair To Middlin" (Marshall) as babies with the rest of their litter, all snuggled up on my lap.  These guys were so much fun to raise.  

Here's my girl Lauren, helping me get ceiling medallions ready to go up back in '04.    

Every time I looked at this heart would laugh:))))  

What a good show looks like!

My  precious Maggie, foundation queen and beloved friend.  In this snapshot she's 13 years old.  In her later years she loved to sit outside in the sun with me.

My darling Rosie cradles her only baby, Eleanor.  So incredibly precious.

My precious Uggie loved crackers, cookies, and anything a little crunchy.  Here Daddy shares his popcorn with my girlie

The interactions between kittens are so much fun to watch.  The Siamese (Wuvvie) spent several minutes playing with the ears of the Oriental (Millie) before she caught both at once to chew on.  Millie never woke up...

My darling Stella (Stainless Heart) uses her little baby Betty for a soft pillow..

Yep, they're busy and they're smart.  Here're two of my most favorite girls... Uggie and in crime.   All comfy on the desk chair in a room where they're not supposed to be...


Want to make an Oriental happy?  Just leave out a box...


A brand new mom with precious brand new babies.  


The Grand Dame Maggie with her grandaughter, Millie.