Adoption Contract


Eireannach Cattery  CFA Cattery Number 180542

Elegant Cattery CFA Cattery Number 222380

W. M. Trussell, D.V.M.

3930 Glade Road, Suite 105

Colleyville, TX  76034


[email protected]

[email protected]



    This constitutes a contract between W. M. Trussell, D.V.M. (herein after referred to as Breeder) and __________________________, herein after referred to as Adopter.  Breeder agrees to place with Adopter one cat or kitten, herein after referred to as Pet.  The adoption fee is $_____.  Pet is a neutered/spayed male/female (color description) (breed), microchip number _________________________.   Litter registration slip or registration slip is provided;  actual registration or transfer of registration with CFA is sole responsibility of Adopter.  Dr. Trussell will perform biannual or annual physical examination of Pet and provide any needed vaccinations for Pet at no charge to Adopter if Adopter will schedule an appointment and present Pet for said services.  

    Pet is guaranteed free of FeLV, FIV, ringworm, Tritrichomonas feotus, and Giardia for 15 calendar days from date of adoption.  Pet has been vaccinated for FVRCP, Rabies, and Feline Leukemia.  Pet is not vaccinated for FIP and Breeder recommends against this vaccination in keeping with the recommendation of the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  

    Adopter is contractually bound to keep Pet AS AN INDOOR PET ONLY FOR AS LONG AS PET SHALL LIVE. In addition, Adopter agrees to maintain regular and appropriate veterinary care, provide a quality diet, adequate means of play and exercise and plenty of love and attention for Pet.  

    Adopter is taking Pet to keep as the personal companion of himself and/or herself.  PET SHALL NEVER BE GIVEN, SOLD, TRADED OR SURRENDERED TO ANY OTHER PERSON(S) OR AGENCY FOR ANY REASON.  If ever Adopter is unable to keep Pet, Adopter will return Pet to Breeder at Adopter's expense.   Breeder endeavors to raise healthy cats free of hereditary disorders.  To this end, Adopter agrees to notify Breeder if Pet develops any disorder that might be hereditary in origin.  

    If Adopter ever needs to contact Breeder for any reason, and Breeder can longer be contacted at the address, phone number, or e-mail printed hereon, Breeder may be located by contacting any of the following:



Texas Board of Veterinary Medical                                  The Cat Fancier's Association

Examiners                                                                              260 East Main Street

333 Guadalupe Street Tower III Suite 810                      Alliance, OH

Austin, Texas 78701                                                             44601



Fancier's Breeder Referral Listing                                     American Veterinary Medical Association                                                              1931 North Meacham Road, Suite 100

                                                                                              Schaumburg, IL  60173-4360



Love and enjoy your new kitty!



_________________________, Breeder    Date                          ______________________, Adopter  Date