About Elegant Cattery...

I have been showing Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese since 1994, and have been raising them since 1995.  My cats live as my pets and bring me much delight.  Each one is an individual, with his or her own distinct personality.  It's like living with several little people.

I take the additional step of raising and showing them because I believe they are lovely and they represent an art form to me.  I enjoy perfecting the beauty of the two breeds over generations, always aspiring to an ideal I hold in my mind.  Over the years there have been periods when the demands of my veterinary practice have necessitated delaying the advancement of my breeding program but I always return to the breeds that I love.

Each kitten that I produce is precious to me whether that baby remains with me or ultimately goes to enrich another person's life.   I believe that each cat has a right to as long and as healthy a life as I can provide for it.  Each litter that I produce is not always the most beautiful that I think I can create.  Rather, it is the most beautiful that I think I can create while maintaining the best health that I can.